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     Joan Carbonaro may be diminutive in stature, but she has a big message for the voters of Rhinebeck and Clinton.  The plucky Dutchess County Legislative candidate has spent the better part of the last six months going door to door discussing her common sense approach to local government.  A strong believer in bipartisanship, it is Carbonaro’s mission to finally bring attention to the issues that face Clinton and Rhinebeck residents.  “For the last 14 years, our district has been underserved by my opponent, Joel Tyner, a career politician. I am running for myself and my neighbors to give our towns a respectful voice in county government and find solutions to the problems that have been all but forgotten by our current self-serving legislator. Tyner has become an irrelevant sideshow at a time we need credible representation and bipartisan cooperation.”

Hudson Valley News  is published weekly on Wednesdays.

Hudson Valley News  is published weekly on Wednesdays.

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 Born on the Lower East Side of Manhattan and raised in Brooklyn, Carbonaro is no shrinking violet.  She radiates a passion that has taken her from being the rabble rouser of her Catholic school, where she was frequently in trouble for questioning authority, to a well-respected hospital administrator. After graduating City University of New York, Carbonaro began her career as a registered nurse trained in critical care.  She eventually worked her way up the ladder to Director of Women’s Services for the Staten Island University Hospital.
    A cable television personality, Carbonaro produced and hosted a cable show in New York City, “Health Update.” She has received awards for her hard work and effectiveness from numerous health and community organizations. Carbonaro was even awarded a United States Congress Certificate of Achievement for her community volunteer work regarding breast cancer detection.  Elected to the board of the National Association of Women’s Health Professionals she was appointed chairperson of their Women’s Health Advocacy Committee in 1993.
    In 1983, Carbonaro met her spouse Laura. In 2013, they were married at their home by the pastor of the Church of the Messiah in Rhinebeck, where they are both active members The couple has owned their home in Clinton since 1993, where they live with their two dogs.  Carbonaro is a well respected community advocate and currently sits on the board of directors for both The Friends of Mills Mansion as well as the DCSPA Pets for Vets.
    Once in office, Carbonaro knows what her agenda will entail.  “I’ve seen over the years a lack of attention to our district and a compounding of problems.  Our seniors are suffering from a lack of services, which I have witnessed firsthand as a volunteer at our local food pantry.”
    “People sometimes forget that Rhinebeck and Clinton are not made up of only affluent Manhattan transplants. We need food delivery for our rural homebound elderly and a place for our youth to congregate.”
   When asked about her campaign strategy, Carbonaro says, “I’m focusing on people. It’s more productive to speak with voters and learn what their concerns are, than to engage in debates with an ineffective career politician, who displays a pathological need for attention.”
    She is spreading a message of positive change and bipartisan collaboration to address serious issues like the opioid crisis, the economic concerns of our working families and access to services for our seniors and veterans.
   Many Democrats have been receptive to sending Carbonaro to the county legislature and  some high ranking Democratic officials and office holders are taking Tyner to task for his poor service record and relentless self-promotion. His unanimous censure by the County Legislature this summer for comments considered to be anti-semetic and beneath the dignity of his office may have been the final straw for Democrats who have long tolerated his histrionics and embarrassing behavior. As one Democrat told Hudson Valley News, “Without Tyner’s nonsense,  we might be able to do some real business with the County Executive and the Republican majority.”
    If you would like to find out more about Joan Carbonaro and her campaign, visit her Facebook page or go to https://www.joancarbonaro.com.


Joan Carbonaro:A Woman to Watch

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